Why Komatsu PC200-6 Hydraulic Pump System Work Powerlessly,CMP Know-how Co., Restricted


In short, the powerless of PC200-6 is primarily due to the poor oil high quality of the hydraulic oil. Subsequently, replacing the hydraulic oil filter on time (specified to be changed every 500 hour) and paying attention to monitoring the hydraulic oil high quality (viscosity, fluidity and presence or absence of suspended solids) is the key to avoiding or decreasing such failures.

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PHP Hydraulics is an expert manufacture of alternative precision elements for Caterpillar, Rexroth, Kawasaki, Komatsu, Linde, Sauer Sundstrand, Eaton, Parker/Denison hydraulic piston pump, hydraulic vane pump or hydraulic motor in China. When you select our merchandise, you will low your value about excavator important pump maintenance or repairing undoubtedly.

Features of Sauer PV pump

The full-length shaft with a excessive efficient tapered roller bearing association offers a excessive loading capability for external radial forces. Additional pumps may be constructed on. The hydro-mechanical servo displacement control maintains the selected swash plate position and hence pump displacement. Upon launch of the management handle, the swash plate automatically returns to the null position and the stream become zero. High case pressures may be archived without leakage even at the lowest temperature by using appropriate shaft seals. The servo valve arrangement offers the facility to include function regulators and distant management system. Axial piston items are designed for simple servicing, complete dismantling and reassembly could be carried out standard hand instruments, and all parts or sub-assemblies are replaceable.

Probably the most fascinating thing about this 4-pump meeting is its torque limiting management, which provides the sum of torque limiting function for each piston pumps and the larger gear pump. The swashplate of the piston pump is biased by a very sturdy double coil spring, and in case you look at the end cowl, you may see that it’s destroked not by one, but by three servo-pistons, every linked to a separate pump. In this arrangement the swashplate place is affected by the sum of drive every servo-piston is creating, together with the rotary group piston induced pressure that acts immediately on the swashplate. The dimensions of the servo-pistons, the double spring price and the valve plate strain carry-over angle are selected in a approach that the piston pump gradually destrokes as the outlet pressures rise, permitting the three pump combination to comply with a desired fixed energy curve.

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