Vacuum Cleaner Do’s and Don’ts


A vacuum cleaner is an electronic machine that is used to clean mud and dirt from properties, offices and public areas. It does this by making a partial vacuum to suck up dust from flat surfaces like floors; and from other surfaces also optionally. Vacuum cleaners come in various shapes and sizes for home use as well as for trade and heavy duty purposes – these range from small hand-held battery operated units to large industrial home equipment for heavy volume cleaning. For cleaning massive open areas of land tracts and many others, there are self propelled vacuum trucks that scoop up enormous mounds of soil etc.

A vacuum cleaner is fitted with several movable and removable parts and accessories to deal with numerous cleaning jobs; an assortment of pipes of assorted lengths, suction cups, dust assortment bags, totally different sized brushes with soft and hard bristles, nozzles, blowers etc. make up a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming floors and surfaces is also about efficiency and energy saving. Therefore, there are basic rules about vacuuming which are to be borne in mind before starting a cleaning up job.

In a household that collects plenty of dust and filth, vacuuming should be the final task. This implies that all of the dusting, cleaning, making the beds etc should be completed as this permits all of the grime to settle on the floor.

Once this is done, all clutter that is collected on the floor must be removed in order that they do not by accident jam the machine.

If the living room, drawing room or examine areas have carpets, the best way is to start at the door and cover your entire room going back and forth just a few occasions, overlapping strip by strip so that all the filth is collected. The corners need particular attention particularly if they’re fitted with wall-to-wall carpets. Using a mixture of the accessories like mud brush and crevice nozzle, hard to reach areas can be easily cleaned.

If the room is large in size it could call for tedious work like getting down on hands and knees to achieve corners; hard flooring and wooden flooring can be particularly tedious.

For rugs placed in rooms, it is essential to start vacuuming from the rug toward the end fringes; the opposite way process will find yourself sucking material from the fringes which can jam the motor and the suction unit.

Wooden floors want careful consideration because they scratch simply; the vacuum cleaner’s wheels or base can create scratch marks so these need to be wiped down. Additionally if there may be dirt or grit on the floor, it’s finest to wipe with a wet rag.

Vacuum cleaners that immediately make odd noises in the midst of a cleaning session indicate that something has jammed or blocked the brush bar that sucks up the dirt. Switching off the system and removing the offending blockage is a should or else the motor will burn out and damage different parts as well.

Earlier than utilizing a vacuum cleaner, a radical reading of the consumer guide and understanding of the parts and accessories is essential to not only learn how to use it optimally but additionally get the most effective out of this household gadget.

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