Simplehuman Wide-View Sensor Mirror review: Should you splurge on this $400 Wi-Fi makeup mirror?

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Mirrors don’t typically fall under CNET’s review purview, but the $400 US-only Simplehuman Wide-View Sensor Mirror is special. It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, a companion Android and iOS app, as well as built-in LEDs that you can customize to suit specific lighting conditions and smart mirror improve your selfie makeup game (yes, we’re serious). In short, this smart mirror is a big step above a cheap Conair.

The goods news is that the Simplehuman mirror worked pretty well. The lighting from the mirror was pretty accurate in mimicking settings such as daylight and smart mirror fluorescent light. The app was also simple to use with the mirror. And it doesn’t hurt that this pricey hunk of glass and stainless steel is lovely to look at and clearly well made thanks to its substantial heft.

Unfortunately, beauty comes at a cost. The Simplehuman is rather fragile despite is large size. The three mirrors that make up the trifold design only magnify one time, which makes crafting the perfect cat-eye and smart mirror other types of up-close makeup applications a challenge. And the mirror’s face-sensing tech that’s supposed to keep the LEDs on while you put on makeup occasionally shut off while we were still using it. And we haven’t even talked about the Simplehuman’s high price: $400.

We can’t recommend the Simplehuman Wide-View Sensor Mirror to the average makeup wearer; it’s just too expensive and doesn’t have nearly enough magnification. But the mirror is still a neat and (mostly) functional product, so it would make a novel addition to your morning routine if you have the cash and a strong understanding of makeup and lighting.

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