Shanghai Museum of Pen and Ink

€ 9                Adults €4,50            Age 10-17 Free              Age 0-9 €4,50            European Youth Card Free               Dutch Museum Card €0.50             Surcharge on Online ticket. There is no free entry for the I Amsterdam City Card holders. No discount for the student’s holding a card or ISIC. Only the holders of a European Youth Card (CJP) or Dutch Museum Card have the right to reserve a date and time slot online.

The authorities have preserved the hiding place in a museum. They have a permanent ongoing exhibition, all through the year, showcasing their life during the hide out.

Anne Frank House Amsterdam, which efficiently turned into a museum also exhibits the diary of Anne which is kept safe with the authorities. In 2013 and 2014, It was recorded that the museum had attracted 1.2 million visitors. Hence, the museum turned out to be the 3rd most  visited museum in Amsterdam, after the renowned Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum Museum.

Two dinosaur halls are also located in fossil halls. Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus are the two major displays in Fossil Halls. A ten story Child Frick Building is located in the inner courtyard and is a major storage facility for fossils. Fossils are kept in the lower floor of this building while laboratories and offices of the staffs are located on the top three floor

The whole world is aware of the fact that London is an ideal destination for the tourists who throng here from every corner of the Earth.

London offers fascinating attractions that are simply unique and so is the British Museum London. Whenever people think what the city has to offer to them, they make a list of attractions or places of interest. Nevertheless, the British museum of medieval torture instruments has always remained on the top of the list, which they want to explore at firs

In December last year Justo Smoker, 34, was charged with criminal homicide. Officials said then that the suspect’s DNA was discovered on the victim’s stocking, which had been found buried in the woods alongside her bra. 

Zhouhu Chen, Yang Zhenhua, Li Ding and, Cao Su Gong, Hu Kaiwen, Cheng Jun

housing, for example pens, ink all of the cultural artefacts passed down. Pen

and ink Museum of Art School mounted on Shanghai, and constantly promote

youthful art, would be to demonstrate the artistic degree of youthful artists

and calligraphers important platform.

May 4:             Entry 8:30 AM to 7 PM October 11:     Entry 9 AM to 7 PM November 5:   Entry 9 AM to 6 PM (Amsterdam Museum Night) December 25:  Entry 12 PM to 5 PM December 3:  Entry 9 PM to 5 PM November – March   7 days open  9 AM to 7 PM


primary building situated within the famous cultural street of Shanghai No. 429

Fuzhou Road, close to the Shanghai Book City, antiquarian bookstores. The museum

may be the only theme from the traditional four treasures from the museum, it

features several years, the Shanghai ink industry background and a brief history

from the changes introduced ink Culture Background and good sense, display the

With no confirmed sightings since 1936, it’s hard to take claims like this at face value. The tiger was known to be a quiet and solitary creature, but in 2021 with the abundance of smartphone cameras and ever-dwindling places to hide, what has the tiger been doing all these years? Waters claims in the video the group shows the tigers are breeding, but more intense scrutiny is now underway. 

Many major works of Frank Bois and Margaret Mead are put into display in Cultural Halls. A wide range of display is put in this Halls that gives you an insight of different cultures around globe like South America, South Pacific, Africa and Asi

Anne Frank, a Jewish teenager, who goes into hiding after the Nazi’s persecution in the Netherlands. She, along with seven other members took refuge in the annex of the  for over two years. The way to staircase was constructed behind a movable bookcase specially for this purpose at the  Prinsengracht, near the Westerkerk in Central Amsterdam.

The museum is around 20 minute walk away from the Central Station. Even if you want to go by bus or tram, then, buses of no. 170, 172 , 174 and Trams of no. 13, 14 and 17 stops at the ‘Westermarkt’ stop.

In ancient China, cultured writing, painting and

calligraphy were highly appreciated arts. Since writing the word what am

difficult, essentially only individuals with many different leisure for example

finished by Zengxi who had been a number one figure from the Shanghai school

close to the finish from the Qing era (1644 – 1911). You will find also older

works of art within the museum. For instance, you will find very valuable works

of art which were attracted by Wang Xizhi who resided within the fourth century

Shanghai had a college of Chinese art which was extremely important within the

Qing Empire and the start of the twentieth Century. Within the 18th and 19th

centuries, Shanghai grew to become a number one commercial town of the Qing era.

A few of the wealthy retailers grew to become patrons from the arts, plus they

urged artists to create work of bold new styles. You can observe good examples

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