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Power Language – What Language Do You Utilize To Determine Your Truth?


You’re already a teacher so why teach during your time off? Simple, teach something other that your principle topics. Try teaching a hobby or other interest, a sport, a skill or other ability you might have and want to expand on.

quotes in latin When my parents needed to communicate with anyone in France, I seemed to be shuffled ahead of my parents in front of the person they were trying to communicate with. I felt like a translation device that often appeared in „Star Trek“. If, indeed „Star Trek“ was televised then (I think not).

English poet, Alexander Pope is credited with writing, „To err is human; to forgive, divine.“ This is one of three best-known quotes from his poem, An Essay on Criticism. Other famous quotes from the same poem are „a little learning is a dangerous thing“ and „fools rush in where angels fear to tread.“ Pope didn’t create the phrase „to err is human,“ which originates from an ancient Latin proverb „Errare humanum est.“ Pope merely expanded on it.

latin language Anyway, I’m not saying you shouldn’t expand your vocabulary. It’s always good to add new words to your arsenal, so you have just the right one for the right context. I also find that learning new words makes my life more interesting, and it may even make me more interesting. OK, maybe not.

When you see the words OD, that stands for the words Oculus Dexter, which are the latin words for right eye. And OS stands for Oculus Sinister, known in English as the left eye. The higher the number on your card is, the stronger the frames need to be. The lower, the weaker the frames need to be. It’s actually very simple to understand, and if you don’t get it you can always ask your ophthalmologist to explain the prescription to you.

Plus, you can learn at home! Whether you choose to learn spanish words through an audio course or through software, there are plenty of benefits that you may not have even thought of!

Tip 6 – Purchase a Magic Marker and some 3 x 5 cards. Print names of things in your house such as Television, clock, bed, chair, etc on the cards in your new language. Place the 3 x 5 cards all around your house and get used to knowing these objects in your new language.

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