Repaired and New or Remanufactured Excavator Hydraulic Pumps and all terrain crane Hydraulic Pumps for the next gear: Rudco Hydraulic Pumps, Swenson, West Coast, Tam Rock Loaders, Sheffer, Telsta, Yale, Sky Jack, Tiger Cat, Trident Marine Cranes, SwapLoader, Spreader Volvo, Wiers, Tarrant, Work Saver, Sky Hook, THS, Sno-Approach, Snowman, Versatile, Schlagel, Tail-Gator, Sellick, Woods, Sky Hoist, Thermaso, Yanmar, Timber Jack, Tymco, Samsung, Tafco, Western Snow Plows, Tarco, Shupak, Terex, Yamaha, Snapper, Snorkel, Spiker Buckeye, Stagg.

Wow, that hyperlink is for a SEA DOO not a Kawasaki. They’re 2 very completely different firms. I wish you all the luck on the planet trying to put in a Sea Doo wear ring right into a Kawasaki pump that by no means came with one. You are not only wanting at the mistaken part, but in addition the wrong manufacturer.

Since its founding in 1910, Hitachi has expanded well beyond the creation of the five-horsepower electric induction motor that was its first product. At the moment, it’s a recognized leader in numerous market segments. Universally referred to as an Authentic Gear Producer that serves main carmakers, Hitachi is growing its presence within the automotive aftermarket. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Hitachi is well-known worldwide for its reliability, innovation, and contribution to shifting society forward. The company has pioneered numerous groundbreaking car components, including the world’s first engine central management models, photoelectric crank angle sensors, turbo chargers for rotary engines, etc. With operations in Japan, North, Central and South America, Europe, and Asia, Hitachi develops and manufactures superior automobile components that preserve the atmosphere, enhance safety, and provide consolation.

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