Hitachi – Water Pump

kayaba pump

– Keeps your engine operating cool

– Meets or exceeds OE specifications

– Premium material development ensures most sturdiness

– Designed to final your vehicle’s life span

– Backed by a 1 year warranty

Considered the ‘heart’ of the cooling system, the water pump is accountable for circulating engine coolant. It accommodates an impeller utilizing centrifugal force to switch coolant from the radiator to the engine block. A malfunctioning water pump can stop correct coolant movement, compromise the whole cooling system, and cause the engine to overheat. Never ignore a defective water Sauer Pump, get a dependable alternative from Hitachi, which is a world class quality leader and a trusted unique equipment manufacturer with over eighty years of designing and manufacturing car components. This water pump is carefully constructed by the engineers at Hitachi to maintain the cooling system operating at peak efficiency throughout the life of your automobile. Hitachi Quality system and ISO/TS 16949-2009 tips enable it to be the leading provider for many automotive corporations.

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– VDC-1A-1A2-20

– VDC-1A-1A3-E20

– VDC-1A-1A3-20

– VDC-1A-1A4-E20

– VDC-1A-1A5-E20

– VDC-1A-2A3-E20

– VDC-1A-2A3-20

– VDC-1B-1A2-E35

– VDC-1B-1A2-U-20

– VDC-1B-1A2-20

– VDC-1B-1A3-E35

– VDC-1B-1A3-U-20

– VDC-1B-1A3-20

– VDC-1B-1A4-E35

– VDC-1B-1A4-P-E35

– VDC-1B-1A5-E35

– VDC-1B-1A5-P-E35

– VDC-1B-1A5-20

– VDC-1B-2A2-E35

– VDC-1B-2A2-U-6132B

– VDC-1B-2A3-E35

– VDC-1B-2A3-HU-1688K

– VDC-1B-2A3-Q11U6064D

– VDC-1B-2A3-U-1048K

– VDC-1B-2A3-U-20

– VDC-1B-2A3-U-6071B

– VDC-1B-2A3-20

– VDC-1H-1A4-E6102A

– VDC-11A-2A3-2A3-20

– VDC-11B-1A2-2A2-20

– VDC-11B-1A5-1A5-E35

– VDC-11B-2A3-1A3-E35

– VDC-11B-2A3-1A5-E35

– VDC-12A-1A3-2A3-20

– VDC-12B-1A5-1A5-E35

– VDC-12B-1A5-1A5-20

– VDC-12B-1A5-2A3-E35

– VDC-13A-1A3-1A5-20

– VDC-2A-1A2-20

– VDC-2A-1A3-E20

– VDC-2A-1A3-20

– VDC-2A-1A4-20

– VDC-2A-1A5-E20

– VDC-2A-2A2-20

– VDC-2A-2A3-E20

– VDC-2A-2A3-1192C

– VDC-2A-2A3-20

– VDC-2B-1A3-E35

– VDC-2B-1A4-E35

– VDC-2B-1A5-E20

– VDC-2B-1A5-E35

– VDC-2B-2A2-20

– VDC-2B-2A3-E35

– VDC-22B-2A3-1A5-E35

– VDC-3A-1A3-20

– VDC-3A-1A5-20

– VDC-3B-1A3-E20

– VDC-3B-1A4-E20

– VDC-3B-1A5-E20

VDS Series Small Variable Volume Vane Pump

In 1900, Viggo Torbensen invents and patents the primary gear-driven rear truck axle. Then in 1911, he teamed up with Joseph Eaton to kind the Torbensen Gear and Axle Company in Bloomfield, New Jersey. In 1914 they moved the enterprise to Cleveland, Ohio. When the Torbensen Axle Firm was bought out, Eaton and Tobensen developed Eaton Axle Firm in 1919. After several profitable acquisitions, the company was modified to Eaton Manufacturing Company in 1932. Throughout the upcoming a long time, Eaton Manufacturing continued to develop, buying extra small companies and increasing their market. This led them to be the industry leader they’re at the moment. Eaton is now a producer of well-recognized hydraulic brands together with Charlynn, Dynapower, and Cessna.

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