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Tuesday around 7:00 remain in Pétion-ville, the business owner Patrick Nara (48 ), owner of „Paryaj Pam“ a sporting activities betting company, was shot dead by two unknown individuals near the Sainte-Thérèse Church notified the investigative Garry Desrosiers Aide doorkeeper of the Haitian National Authorities (PNH).

Here’s more info regarding www.paryaj,, take a look at the website. In a note, fox locks Marie Margareth Fortuné the Director General of the National Lottery (LEH) whose private residence had actually been melted last December „condemns the afraid murder of Patrick Nara and hopes that the police and judicial authorities will strive to clarify this horrendous criminal activity“ In conclusion, Marie Margareth Fortuné “ expands her deepest acknowledgements to her family, associates, employees as well as to the gaming sector possibility generally deeply influenced by this drama.“

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