Golden Road Brewing, Los Angeles. Nestled Within The Semi-industrial Suburb…

When we arrived, we had been met by brewery rep Scott who immediately cracked open some cold cans of 329 Lager (the very best type of welcome!) for everyone and led us on a tour of the brewery. I’m very grateful to Duane at Phoenix Beers (unique importers of GR in Australia) in Perth who hooked me up as he knew I’d be there on my birthday. As far as I know GR don’t do organised 10BBL commercial brewery equipment tours so this was fairly particular.

The sugar consumption pattern of problem fermentations generally is a useful diagnostic device for the winemaker. Slow fermentations can be broadly divided into four types: sluggish initiation with price eventually changing into normal; regular initiation changing into sluggish; sluggish throughout all the time course; and an abrupt cease. Typical kinds of fermentations are shown in the following figure.

„I’ve passed on a brewer that didn’t respect the accounting process,“ says Patrick. „The brewers are centered on their past love, which is making delicious beer. Accounting isn’t necessarily the highest and foremost in everyone’s mind, however in this situation, it was irresponsibly ignored. You can’t let the accounting take a distant back seat.“

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