Getting a Passport

Planning to journey outside the United States in your honeymoon? Regardless of the destination, you have to legitimate passports. The only exception is in case you plan to go on a closed-loop cruise. Read on for a concise rationalization of what is required for getting a passport for a honeymoon.

Passport Book vs. Passport Card

In case you plan to journey by air, then your only option is a passport book. If, nevertheless, you may be touring by land or sea to your honeymoon destination, then chances are you’ll only want a passport card which is less expensive. Passport cards can be utilized for journey to Mexico, Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean region.

One thing to consider is future travel plans. Even if you should use a passport card to your honeymoon, it could be in your best interest to get a passport book if you happen to think you’ll journey to international locations by air over the following 10 years. You can also request each the book and the card on one application in the event you prefer.

Which Name to Use for the Passport

Really, there isn’t a choice. The name on the passport application form have to be your present authorized name not the future name you will take as soon as married. Unless there’ll a significant interval between the wedding and the honeymoon, you will need to use for a passport using your present name. You’ll be able to request a passport name change after the honeymoon.

Note, the ticket bought on your honeymoon must have the identical name on it that’s in your passport. This is required by TSA’s Secure Flight Program. This means it’s worthwhile to make reservations in your name prior to marriage.

Applying for the Passport

New passport applications should be submitted at a close-by passport office alongside with evidence of United States citizenship, an identification document, a copy of your ID and passport photos. You pay an execution payment to the passport agent on the acceptance facility and mail the application charge with your packet to the State Department.

Routine service often takes between four to six weeks. You can request expedited service to accelerate the process. Utilizing this technique ought to get your passport delivered to you within 2-three weeks. Processing occasions might differ relying on the time of year, natural disasters, holidays and other factors.

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