8 Yoga Asanas For Treatment Of Thyroid Problems


Sarvangasana or formal dresses short shoulder stand helps in sustaining the governing system of the physique – the endocrine system. It exerts stress on the thyroid gland. Thyroid gland receives the biggest supply of blood. Sarvangasana helps in bettering blood circulation and squeezing stagnant secretion. It releases blood into the neck and helps nourish the thyroid and reversing hypothyroidism.

– Start in preparation for aspect plank facing away from one another (approximately 6-12″ apart), „tops to toes“ – P1’s ft will line up with P2’s wrists.

– Press into the bottom hand to raise into plank as you extend your top arm diagonally upward to satisfy your partner’s.

– Gaze toward your fingertips.

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Once you practice mindful yoga, you need to scan the physique and be looking out for the some ways-some refined, others not so delicate-by which your perspective in your body, ideas, and entire sense of self can shift when you modify postures and stay in them for a while, paying full attention from moment to moment. „Practicing in this way enriches the inside work enormously and takes it far beyond the bodily advantages that come naturally with the stretching and strengthening“ (Kabat-Zinn, 2005).

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