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Eagerly awaited, after Susanne Grulich’s successful book debut, the next part of the Cologne crime series about the musician Magnus Meister now follows, “End of broadcast in Cologne”.

This time again the book is sparkling again! The lively and authentically designed figures seem to spring from the book every second. A pure reading experience! 


To the book:

Meister’s new case takes him behind the scenes of the casting show “The Sexiest Song Alive”. He’s looking for the mole who is giving unauthorized information to the press. Undercover he bites his teeth into ambitious candidates, vain jury members and a stressed crew. Shortly before the finale is broadcast, the chief juror also falls to his death. Will the musician with heart, charm and rock ‘n’ roll manage to find the culprit? more


date for broadcasting in Cologne
Susanne Grulich Daftar Slot Online
EUR 12.00 [D] / EUR 12.40 [A]
ISBN 978-3-8392-2379-6
Publication date: February 20, 2019

Ko by master

Susanne Grulich’s book debut combines sabotage, murder and rock ‘n’ roll in a charming and gripping way in a business crime story that thrives on figure drawings, witty dialogues and an exciting double investigation.


To the book:

The Cologne musician Magnus Meister has to supplement his meager income. He is supposed to clear up sabotage cases on the construction sites of Bestkauf GmbH for a friend. Right at the beginning of his investigation there is a dead person. The company’s departmental macho crashed into a tree after a company party. Is there a connection between his death and the dubious processes on the construction sites? Magnus Meister needs a sense of humor, his band and the help of his friends to untangle the threads. More…

Ko by Meister
Susanne Grulich
282 pages
EUR 12.00 [D] / EUR 12.40 [A]
ISBN 978-3-8392-2120-4
Publication date: August 2nd, 2017


An author with heart, charm and rock ‘n’ roll! Slot online

Susanne Grulich lives in Cologne. The qualified lawyer is a lecturer for a large retail chain. As a band musician, she wrote lyrics and later short stories. In 2017 she released her crime thriller “Ko durch Meister”! and now, in 2019, her second book “Sendeschschluss in Köln” will follow.